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Meredith Baxter

About 4 months ago, I was recovering from a broken ankle, desperate to get moving again but unclear in which direction. I’m a pretty active 70 year old woman but I’m not a fan of regular gyms and I’m not a yoga girl; a discouraging experience in Pilates about 10 years prior really turned me off, so I wasn’t inclined in that direction.

My wife suggested I put aside my preconceptions and meet with Chanda, her friend who owns and runs Core Sport. I was reluctant because I thought it was just another Pilates studio…but I gave it a try. What I thought Chanda offered me at Core Sport was rehabilitation for my broken ankle and “rehab” sounded manageable and attractive, so I entered into a one-on-one series with her to strengthen my ankle.

I felt like Chanda must have been taking night-classes, studying up how to approach my particular issues, because at my first session she demonstrated at least 9 different drills targeting ankle strength and support. It was apparent almost immediately how skillfully Chanda could maneuver me through exercises without my complaining too much. And if pain did stop me from completing a particular task, she redirected me through different positions to bypass the pain but still activate the muscles she was after…usually abs. (I think she’s fixated on abs.)

This was particularly great because the last trainer I worked with was taking me through a familiar TRX routine and some basic, standard move really hurt my knee….so we stopped. That was the end of my workout for weeks!

I really appreciated that Chanda listens…she doesn’t blow off a complaint of pain and pressure me to “work through it”, but neither does she stop everything. Chanda is so familiar with the musculature, how it works and what’s at work in each routine, that she can move into solution immediately, keeping me in the process. Pain or injury doesn’t mean the end of working out. Who knew?

In just 3 sessions, Chanda accurately identified a painful muscle condition from an old hip replacement (that had for months puzzled my orthopedist) and suggested a minor medical procedure that proved helpful. It was because she suggested further conversation with that doctor that I am looking into more remedies.

I appreciate how, as I’m slowly finding my way through some new routine, I am given excellent imagery to guide me into calling the desired muscles into play. I don’t feel lost! And although I came to her simply for ankle rehab, I feel that head to toe I’m getting stronger. I leave a session with muscles stretched, well used and sore…in the very best way!

In just a few weeks of working together, I realize I trust myself in Chanda’s hands. She is so knowledgeable and focused on getting me fit, I am signing up for another series of personal classes (I just love that personal attention) with an eye on group classes to follow…when my abs are up to it.

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