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At CoreSport we offer a wide range of Private & Duet Training.

The right programming can make all the difference in reaching your goals and ultimately living your best life. We can individualize your program to meet your specific needs, ranging from fitness to rehabilitation. Our certified trainers specialize in several areas – Post Operative, Rehab/Restorative, Pre-Post Natal, and much more.

Everyone can benefit from Private Training, even for the simple goal of getting more out of your class experience. We are here to help you improve your strength, mobility, and overall fitness level with unique content just for you.

Here's How You Can Get Started

We want you to get the MOST out of your time here and understand why Pilates truly is a lifestyle that heals and strengthens you.

Private Training can help you better prepare yourself for class OR be an opportunity to begin your Private journey with us.

Individualized training is ideal for maximum results!

Note: Either a Free Intro Class or an Intro Private Class is necessary prior to taking general group classes. This ensures your success and ability to get the most out of your experience.

Private Training - Core Sport
Core Sport Private Training

Private Training Rates


Private Training Session
$ 100


Private Training Sessions
$ 475
  • ($95/ea)


Private Training Sessions
$ 900
  • ($90/ea)

Duet Training Rates


Duet Training Session
$ 75


Duet Training Sessions
$ 350/ea
  • ($70/ea)


Duet Training Sessions
$ 650/ea
  • ($65/ea)

We look forward to being an integral part of your personal transformation! There’s NO better feeling than being strong and healthy!
Exercise is not merely a choice, it’s a necessity! Your body is a GIFT – honor it daily and it will serve you!