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Pilates Specialty Programs

Each Program Series is offered in 6 week blocks. Call studio for current class offerings.

Pilates Play Date

Pilates Play Date (6 wks to mobile)

Super effective workout that you can do with your little one. Combines Pilates, Strength Training, Yoga and TRX. Bring baby blanket and hanging stroller toy. We also require you to bring baby bjorn, ergo, or moby wrap for standing exercises. 6weeks – mobile.

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Pre-Teen Pilates

Pre-Teen Pilates (8-12yrs)

Our Pre-Teen Pilates class is geared toward pre-teens ages 8-12. The class covers fundamentals of Pilates and Yoga, and we also begin to cover basics in anatomy. Establishing strength and flexibility will help students maintain healthy posture, and overall correct physical awareness. We help children appreciate physical exercise that will carry with them throughout life!

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Pilates for Young Athletes

Pilates for Young Athletes (12-14yrs)

We are finding that our youth is struggling more and more with posture and core strength. These attributes are essential for proper growth as our children mature. The spine and surrounding joints are very vulnerable at this time and can be compromised in the process if proper focus and training is not implemented. Your child will be able to avoid a lot of growth related issues if awareness and strength are addressed early. Our program addresses all these important issues offering Pilates, Yoga and Strength Training methods. We pride ourselves on quality instruction while making the sessions fun and educational.

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