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Lara Mack

Education:Graduate of UCSB, Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology/Health Psychology

    Lara Mack

    Instructor and Trainer


    Lara Mack is a graduate of UCSB and has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology/Health Psychology. Her education focusing on Health Promotion guided her work interests over the years and she brings a broad understanding of sports psychology, nutrition, and functional fitness to the studio.

    As an avid outdoor athlete, she particularly enjoys cycling, hiking, swimming, resistance training, and running her dogs. Lara’s adventures INSIDE the studio began way back when she was a college student and offered “high impact aerobics” (using a BoomBox) to those living in the dorm! Ultimately, Lara became certified and experienced in multiple disciplines, including Group Fitness, Senior Fitness, Cycling (Rhythmic and Power), Barre, Circuit Training, and Pilates.

    Because of this, she has coached a wide array of students/athletes with diverse goals and abilities; she has a particular interest in helping individuals – no matter what age – create and maintain an active and rewarding lifestyle. Along with these goals, she wishes that everyone can find the “FUN” in fitness and enjoy the process while making it a permanent and positive part of life.

    Inside the studio, you will find her to be supportive, enthusiastic, and an active participant in your fitness journey.