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Level 1 Reformer

Classic Reformer

Appropriate for all clients, especially those new to our studio. Here you will lean all the necessary tools to ensure you’re doing the program correctly and effectively. You will get an incredible full body workout and find consistency from one class to the next. Our goal is to provide you with an opportunity to be successful and find how to stabilize and deepen your core work prior to moving into other class formats.

Core Sport Level 2 Reformer

Reformer w/Props

This format incorporates several different props to hybrid or enhance the Classic Reformer experience. Enjoy the variety and increased intensity the will the your conditioning to the next level.

Pilates Mat

Pilates Mat

This workout will increase strength and tone your abs, back, arms, hips and legs. We use body bars, rings and pilates balls to vary this workout and allow for full body conditioning. You will build your core muscle endurance and will leave you feeling flexible. Overall toning occurs rapidly.

Flexibility Flow

Stretch Relief

Need a good stretch? This class includes deep tissue stretching, relief of muscle tension and increased range of motion of all your critical joints. We use several forms of tissue release techniques with the foam roller, tennis ball and stretching strap. You’ll walk out of class feeing relaxed, open and healed in your entire body!

Booty Barre

Booty Barre

Booty Barre is a patented program designed to give you a full body workout. Using the standing barre, we do a series of leg exercises that allows for full ROM and deep muscle strengthening. We also incorporate floor work with free weights, tubing and pilates balls. You will see some infusion of Mat Pilates as well making this a very effective option to add to your weekly training schedule.

Core Sport TRX (Total Resistance Xercise)

TRX (Total Resistance Xercise)

An incredible new program involving core stability, balance and functional resistance training while working all planes of motion. Chords hang from ceiling and exercises are done on different levels of incline and angles. Appropriate for all levels. Tennis shoes are required.

Spinning Santa Barbara


This high calorie burning, non-impact cardio workout runs 45 minutes. This class is super effective as you will be motivated through different ride formats that include: Endurance Rides, Interval Rides and Strength Rides. Please arrive 15 min early and come prepared with tennis or bike shoes and a water bottle.

CoreSport SB Studio Wellness Program 65+

Wellness Program 65+

Designed for the active senior who is looking for an smart approach to their exercise program. This 60 minute class is put together to create the perfect formula – Reformer Strength Training (20 min), Balance & Core Training using weights/bands/balls (20 min), Flexibility Training working deep tissue release and joint flexibility (20 min). It’s important to stay strong and flexible as we age to allow for the most out of our lives. Being older doesn’t mean you have to feel that way!


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